September 15, 2013

Hi friends,

No, I am not trying to set a new record on time between posts!  God has been very good to us, and I am ashamed I have not shared them more with you here!

Our summer flew by with many guests, church activities and of course family time.  I REALLY enjoyed not starting schooling at 8, and just enjoyed each day as it came.  

Ladies' Bible Study

Our Monday evenings in July were well attended, and I cherished the time focused on the Word and what it teaches me about my God.  I recently read Mardi Collier's book What do I know about My God, and enjoyed using that as a "spring board" for our study.  It has now become a life-long study for myself and I'm thankful how it has changed my thinking and outlook on many of the every day simple tasks as well as the big picture.  We are continuing to meet monthly now.  I desire this to continue as evangelistic and discipleship.  I love the fact that we have space to have it at our house; it provides a nice cozy atmosphere with our cakes and cup of tea!


We are now into a full routine of school!  Kay Lee is in 6th, Benson 4th, Logan 2nd, and Parker... well somewhere in between Kindergarten and 1st!!  I tell you what, he is all boy... definitely would rather go play than even count to 10!  Nelson continues to join us freely and leave us freely.  What makes me laugh is when he comes and sits down on his own and then 30 seconds lates asks if he is "allowed" to leave!  Umm, yes, by all means, please leave-ha!  Actually, it has been quite an adjustment for him.  He was definitely used to having playmates all day long, including the neighbor children that have now disappeared until around 4 o'clock.

Sunday School/ Kid's Club

The Lord has allowed us to divide our Sunday School class into two classes again!  This has been something we have asked for prayer about on many occasions.  Another lady now teaches ages 7-12, and I takes the primary age down to nursery.  I pour a lot of time into these classes-- they are the future!! Many times I tell myself that one of these little boys could be the next minister of Free Baptist Church!  Our numbers have increased.  In August we had 28 children attend either Kid's Club or Sunday School.

May God bless as you live for Him!


July 10, 2013    Yes, I'm still here :)

Although you may have thought I slid of the end of the earth, I am still here... alive and well!

We finished up school on the 19th of June, followed by celebrating Benson's 9th birthday!!!  I decided that I am not feeling older with MY birthday-- it's the children's birthdays that make me feel "aged!"  

On the 1st of July, we said good-bye to our friend Miss. Lea as she returned to the States.  Since mid- April, she was helping us in our children's ministries.  It was a blessing to have such a reliable, efficient, and capable extra pair of hands helping!  Never understimate the influence and value of a single missionary!  It was also a joy to have a friend and "Auntie" around here.

We are experiencing quite the heat wave!  Last year our highs were in the upper 50's with wind and rain; this year our high right now is in the mid-upper 70's with sun shine and blue sky!!  That is a huge difference for which we are VERY thankful.  

We are looking forward to family coming for visits this summer.  It will be a joy to see those we haven't seen in 2-3 years!

Thanks for praying for us.  We are preparing for our Holiday Bible Club and praying for the Lord to do a great work.  I am also enjoying leading a Ladies' Bible Study on Monday evenings during July.  I've loved my personal study time as much as the sharing with the ladies.


Enjoy the pictures:

Story time:

Benson made a homemade basketball hoop with Mr. Alec. So he needed some basketballs.

Benson's 9th birthday:

Last night with Miss Lea:

Enjoy your summer!


May 15, 2013  Food, food, and more food!


I trust you all have been able to put your winter items away and enjoy some spring and summer weather!  I packed all our gloves and hats away last week. I've decided that you HAVE to do this when living in Scotland.  If I don't we could possibly use the items all year around!

We currently have the priviledge of hosting 5 Univeristy men.  I have been planning meals for the last few weeks, and now I just can't seem to quit thinking about food- ha!  Will there be enough, should I add something else, will they like it?  They are helping and working so hard, I feel like the least I can do is keep them fed.  I guess it is probably just good practice for the future :)

Bible study:  There is something so sweet about going through a Bible study with a new believer!  The desire and appreciation for the Word of God is such an encouragement.  Lord willing, we will be continuing for the next several weeks.

Schooling:  I forget the exact countdown until summer break, but it is definitely in sight!  I just placed my book order for next year.  The Lord has blessed me with diligent students.  Kay Lee and Benson start their Bible lesson on their own by 8:00.  I think they have learned it is much better than going late into the afternoon.  I'm hoping to do a summer reading challange, and thinking about a good plan.

God is working in our family as well as our church.  That includes blessings, and hardships-- both from the hand of God; for our good and His glory!  

Thank you for your prayers for us.



April 23, 2013  

Well, I just deleted a post that I started on March 25th!  Though I get to the computer often, I'm never quite sure where to start!  So, you'll have to ask some questions or give me ideas that you want to hear about.

As always, God has been very good to us.  The lovely holiday was just perfect, and I love the fact that we can take our family to such beautiful surroundings and marvel at God's creation.  Waves crashing, viewing miles and miles from your window, never hearing a vehicle, and seeing stars at night is quite a contrast from the busy road outside my window right now!  But as everyone knows, there is no place like home!

Sunday proved to be a blessing in seeing such a great group of children in Sunday School.  I can't help but see little lives that have such potential for serving Jesus!  It is such a blessing to have Adele helping in Sunday School.  The Lord has also provided some temporary help through another single missionary. God's timing is perfect in coordinating a large Sunday School with extra helping hands!

Do you enjoy poetry?  Adele who attends our church has written a lovely and personal book of poetry. She is gifted in many ways, and these short poems glorify our God.  It is available on Amazon here or here.  Any royalties she receives will go to "her children" through charities that she supports.

The Shore B&B is filling up!!  Much to our excitement, we have had overnight guests every month this year!  And so far, we are "booked" until September!  It is a delight to have wonderful fellowship.

Well, I have a little one asking for me to pop some popcorn, so I must close!  If I don't hit "publish" it will never get done!

May God bless and use you in your corner of the world.



Happy Mothering Sunday, March 10, 2013

Well, I seem to be skipping from one special day to the next!  

"He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul...."  First, how does he do this?  He leads me!  He does not push or shove, but gently leads my spirit to a resting place.  In the past few weeks, I have not found this "stillness" in a physical sense!  But yet in the busiest times (filled with illness) He has lead my soul beside still waters!!   Why does He do this?  The answer is there in verse 3: "for HIS name's sake."  It isn't all about MY rest, or MY level of comfort.  It is about hailing Him as the Good Shepherd.  And, He is, has, and always will be our Good Shepherd.

Looking forward:  Tomorrow is Monday.  I have been "eyeing' this Monday for a few weeks and anticipating a fresh new start with a firm schedule!  And guess what is on the calendar for tomorrow?  A boiler repair, washing machine repair, house inspection, and a doctor's appointment!  Whaaaa!  So, we will try to make every minute of school count for 10 minutes (or more!)

Thanks for checking in.  I hope to get some picture of last week posted soon!

May God strengthen you in your personal walk with Him,




Valentine's Day 2013

I'm thankful I have pictures to look back on that remind me that indeed I have made heart shaped pancakes for my children, and heart shaped jello-jigglers.  To be completely honest,  I was secretly hoping to make it through the day without anyone even knowing it was Valentine's Day!  (The advantage of homeschooling and not having to make homemade valentine cards for all of their classmates!)  No, I didn't have any crafts or goodies planned today.  But, of course my husband greeted me with a lovely card and heart shaped pillow.  So, since everyone knew today was indeed a holiday, the local bakery (5 doors down) bailed me out and everyone got to pick out their favorite doughnut!  We came home with Coffee Cream (Logan and Benson), Strawberry Milkshake (Kay and Parker), Chocolate (Nelson) and a Custard for daddy.  (I'm not a doughnut eater).  Thanks to one last American stawberry cake mix in the cupboard, I treated the children at kid's club tonight with cupcakes.  They also LOVED learning the "Love of Jesus is so Wonderful" song.

Kids' Club:  I have enjoyed teaching on the Armor of God.  I bought a binding machine and made each of the children a booklet with their verses, and activities for 9 weeks.  We have really enjoyed the study.  They are each creating their own set of armor piece by piece.  If anyone is interested in having templates for the pieces of armor I should have them done soon.  

Fellowship:  It was pure joy to have the Sanderlins with us for a few days.  I think the pictures will tell the story:



May each of you continue to be servants of the Lord in your little corner of the world.  We are already half way through February... if you haven't told anyone about Jesus, do it today.  I know how easy it is for a month to slip by, and another, and another.

Thanks for checking in!


January 8, 2013

Hello Dear Friends!

A new year has now greeted us.  We are busily planning the year ahead.  Hmmm....Ladies' meetings, Easter service, homeschool groups, summer cookouts? My brain sometimes can take off with a gazillion things to add to the calendar.  This is when I have to make myself stop and say, "Start with homeschooling, Sunday School, Kid's Club, and then go from there!!"  "Oh-- and don't purposefully forget potty training!"    I'm trying to learn to deal with the "here and now" and take the big picture one step at a time.  It saves my husband from a nervous break down as well :)  But, in all seriousness, we are prayerfully considering what the Lord would have us to do with the precious hours that lay before us!

I know we keep talking about the house!  But, what would you expect after 4 years in a travel trailer and 2 1/2 years in a town house!!!  We were able to house a total of 12 overnight guests and dozens of others in the month of December!  This house allows more than two people to move at a time and no one is stuck in a corner!!  It is just a marvelous blessing!!  We actually did house many in the town house, but we were packed in like sardines!   We are eager for some warmer weather so we can get outside and clean up that back garden!!  I'm dreaming of a nice American 4th of July cookout!!  See, what I mean.... first things first-ha!

Enjoy the pictures:

Skyping with cousins and Grandparents in Iowa!

Christmas Dinner

New Pajamas!!

Christmas Day Walk

December 20, 2012

"Ring out the news, Ring out the news, Jesus is born!"  The children in our children's club are getting ready to sing these words for our Christmas Eve service!  We've recently been told that the school district in which we live has banned pre-school age children from learning Christmas carols that contain the name of Jesus.  Though this news saddens my heart, it makes me even more thankful to teach the children here and burdens my heart to see our children's ministry grow.  It makes me look at each child and think, " If don't tell them, nobody else will."  I think more than ever I am looking forward to our Christmas Eve service so that we can give worship to our Saviour!  

Christmas "abroad" is always a time of mixed feelings.  The house is decorated, cookies are baked, presents wrapped; yet there is that puzzle piece missing. That puzzle piece called "family."  And (thankfully) nothing can replace it!  We've put together many puzzles, and unfortunately ended up having that little hole where we lost a piece.  Yes, we can focus on how beautiful the puzzle is, and say "wow-  we have 999 pieces!"  But yet, we all know that doesn't "fix" the puzzle.  We are thankful the Lord has blessed us with wonderful families to miss!

We are extremely grateful for the financial Christmas gifts many churches sent for us.  It really does make Christmas giving possible for us.  It meets some personal needs, but mostly is allows us to be able to give as we would desire.  I've been thinking how that when Christ came, he became poor by leaving the riches of heaven.  It is a sobering reminder as we look at the many possesions surrounding us this Christmas season.

May the Lord bless each of you with a wonderful holiday season.  We are looking forward to TWO weeks off of school!  It will be a much needed break for all of us.

Merry Christmas!




December 10th, 2012

It has been a joy to serve the Lord in many different ways the last few weeks.  Matthew 25:40 says "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."  No matter what we do, however little it may seem, we can do it as unto Christ!  My ladies' tea is always a highlight of my year.  This year was no different.  I love to prepare, and have a beautiful spread as I invite these ladies into my home.  Today, I was able to decorate with paper snowflakes and a plastic table cloth as we hosted 10 children plus our own for a homeschooler party!  These are exciting times as we look forward to Christmas.

After the excitement has ended for the day and the fancy dishes are put away, life continues as normal.  There are unmatched socks to be sorted, dried toothpaste to be cleaned of the sink, (I know you other young moms do it to!) clothes to be ironed, floors to be mopped, toys to be put away, and the list goes on, and on, and on.....  But, may I remind us, that even these little things, we can do it unto Christ!

Enjoy the pictures:

November 15, 2012  Happy Thanksgiving (early) and some pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving!  (A little early, I know!)  I have a few autumn/Thanksgiving decorations up that a friend recently sent me!  I trust you all are planning wonderful time with family and friends.  Our plans are a little unsettled right now, but I'm hoping for at least a "proper" Thanksgiving meal!

I do want to take a minute to thank each of you that check our website, pray for us, and financially support us!  We are truly surrounded by an army of prayer warriors.  I'd like to share some of the many blessing that I have to be thankful for:

1.  A God who hears and answers prayer, and meets every need.

2.  A loving husband who bathes every decision, event, and day in prayer

3. My girl, Kay Lee, who works hard, and loves our Bible time

4. Benson who entertains and loves his little Nelson

5. Logan who enjoys the simple things in life and takes everything literally!

6. Parker who is "wired" all of the time, and speaks his mind.

7. Nelson who cuddles and loves everyone he meets.

8. A church filled with loving people.

9. A full children's Sunday School class and Thursday Kid's Club

10. A beautiful country to live in

11. A house BIG enough to hold loads of friends and family (hint, hint!)

12. Freedom to homeschool my children

13. Food and clothing

14. A loving and supportive family in the US

15. Many godly friends to share things with.

Obviously the list is endless, because the blessings of God are endless.  I am overwhlemed with His goodness to our family. Ps 69:30  I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Beautiful home-welcoming flowers from Elisabeth!

Enjoying an order of fresh, hot chips from the chippy next door!

The baby is growing up!


November 6, 2012

I'm back... I had a post that I started on October 10 that I just deleted!  Life has been turned upside down a little, but thankfully for good reasons!  I am currently in Dundee (about 1 hour and 15 minutes from our house) awaiting the arrival of my new nephew!

I know I need to post some pictures of the amazing house the Lord has provided, but I think it may take a while for it to be "picture worthy!"   Every time I walk into the lounge and dinning area I am simply amazed at the SPACE!  I also think, "wow, it's a HOUSE, a REAL house!"  The children's rooms are amazingingly spacious.  Things are coming together;  finding new homes for shoes, coats, and winter gear is quite the process.  I've decided that dusting and mopping the seemingly acres of wood floors will be a new nightly exercise routine.  I've always done the mopping on my hands and knees, but with this much flooring, I've invested in a good mop! 

The children have adapted well.  My biggest concern was the on street parking, but they have done pretty well climbing across the van as they are allowed to get out only on the curb side.  We've also been able to get a good parking spot for most of our loading/unloading.  I just discovered that the fish and chip shop attached to our house is open until 1 am on Friday and Saturdays.  So, that explaines the noise right outside our window!

Schooling is "going" but next week we will have to get back on our strict schedule.

Thank you for your prayers during these exhausting days!


September 17, 2012   A short trip to Tesco....



About a week ago I was able to escape during lunch break for a few items at the grocery store and....

There she was.  The mum checking out behind me with the screaming toddler.  All eyes were on her.  The sweat was beading up on her forehead as she focused on getting her items out of the trolley.  It seemed as though the whole store was quiet except for the little red head who had obviously seen something he wanted.  I packed my few items, paid, and tried to walk away.  It seemed like elastic was pulling me back.  I believe I said aloud, "Lord what do you want me to do?"  I set my two bags down on the floor and walked back to the mother.  Gently I said and asked, "I'll help you, can I get him out?"  Our eyes met and seemed to freeze there for a second.  She reached over and unbuckled him.  I picked him up. His face was darker red than his hair.  White streaks ran down his face where his tears had cooled him off.  Grabbing an insurance brochure off the display, we played "where is the house, where is the car.... etc."  A sweet little boy was under that hot face and red hair.  After about ten minutes of scanning and packing, she thanked me and we parted ways.

And Praise.... I have the end of the story!

Today (about a week later) our whole family was leaving a garden centre just down the road from us.  As we were getting into the van I looked over and there SHE was with little Elliot!  I took Nelson over to introduce her to my two year old.  She immediately greeted me and then turned to her husband and said, "This is the lady that helped me at Tesco."  He nodded his head and thanked me!  I returned to the van and was able to get a church invitation to take to them.  They seemed grateful for the invitation and live in the town right next to Loanhead.

After originally leaving Tesco I really wondered if I would ever see her again, and wished and prayed that I would.  God answered THAT prayer today.  I am very encouraged. May the Lord help all of us to look around and help meet the needs of people around us-- no matter how big or small they may seem.


September 5, 2012        Catching up and some pictures!

I know I'm due to post some pictures, so I'll keep this short so I have time to do that!  Time management is a key to success, isn't it!  I know I really shouldn't wait this long between posts, because there is just way too much info to fill you in on.

The missionary fellowship meeting:  It was a huge blessing to us to host the fellowship meeting.  We had 37, plus 12 children.  We were given a case of coke glasses, so I turned those into centerpieces and everyone could take one home.  I prepared sloppy joes (very American) and used for the ladies to bring side dishes, drink, and desserts. 

 Kay Lee's 10th birthday:  We wanted to make this big birthday very special!  Finally one day, I remembered that they have Build-a Bear here in one of the shopping centres!  (Doesn't sound like a mission field, does it??)  So, I have been excited for the last two weeks, and finally the day came.  They Lord gave a us a great day and I believe she'll always remember her 10th birthday!

Home schooling:  We started nice and early September 4th at 8:00!  Kay Lee is in 5th grade (P6), Benson is in 3rd grade (P4), Logan is in 1st grade (P2), and Parker is in Kindergarten (P1)!!  About two weeks ago I did get a call from the health visitor.  She stated that they realized Parker wasn't enrolled in school.  I explained that I homeschool and he will be starting P1.  She didn't ask any other questions, just said, "ok, I'll let everyone know."  Reminded me that I am thankful for the freedom to school at home.

Ta-ta for now.  Here are some pictures I promised:


   Logan lost his first tooth!

Benson using  

  Kay Lee was given a Great Britain puzzle to celebrate her turning 10 during such a special year in Britain. (The Jubilee and hosting the Olympics)

Making T's with clay

Gluing cotton balls for a Bible activity


 Just hanging out with homemade hammocks!!!!




August 14, 2012  Devotional thoughts...

Psalm 144:12  “That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth.”  I don’t often share things that I’ve meditated on.  Often for two simple reasons:  one - I think, “everybody else already knows this!” two – I feel like I can’t quite express it in words.  So today, you are a victim of my simple thoughts, but ones that are impacting my life.

My children begged to plant some flowers this year.  I’m glad they did.  As I tend to these plants and see their beauty, I am reminded of my opening verse.

  • My flowers were fragile and had to be handled with care.  A good reminder that my children are weak and need gentleness.  David spoke of the Lord saying, “they gentleness hath made me great.”
  • My flowers cannot protect themselves.  I’ve scared away the birds from pecking my flowers, and have pulled the weeds.  My children need me to make decisions for them… to say “no”… and to guard their ears and their eyes.  I was surprised a few months ago at how seriously Matt 18:6 deals with a bad influence on a child: “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”  {insert big “whoa!” here} I certainly don’t want to ignore one of these offenses hurting my children.  The passage goes on to say: cut it off..get rid of it.
  • My flowers need watering.  Obvious, I know.  Most of the time, this has happened naturally here in Scotland!  Our children need our daily watering of God’s Word to help their little hearts not to become hardened by the heat of sin.  They also need the Son to shine in their hearts.  I as a mother am the daily light they will see. “let your light so shine among your children, that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven.” Deut 11:19 “ And you shall teach them your children, speaking of them when thou sit in thine house, and when thou walk by the way, when thou lie down, and when thou rise up.”
  • Flowers take time.  Guess what?  The flowers didn’t bloom over night.  Even now, a few are only showing buds.  Some were faster than others. Col. 1:11 has been a favorite verse for about a year now.  “Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness.”  I love EVERY word of this verse.  A desire (dream) of my heart is to have patience clothed in joyfulness!

You can keep going with the analogies.  But for now, this is “where the rubber meets the road.”  The Lord has used a few little flower pots to prick my heart.  I can either do it my way, or follow His leading with His help.  The choice is mine. 


August 2, 2012

I can't believe we finished up our HBT almost a week ago already!  I have been jotting notes down for next year (this spares my husband of hearing all of my ideas and gives him time to breath--ha!)  Words really cannot express what a great week the Lord gave us!  The weather even cooperated, but we know who arranges that- don't we.  We thanked the Lord every day for allowing game time to be outside!

On the home front:  I am committed to enjoying these last few weeks off of school.  I could clean and organize 24/7, but I'm determined to get these children to a park if weather permits.  Yesterday we spent the morning at a park within walking distance.  Today we drove to an amazing park and spent the morning and had a picnic.  One box of school books has arrived safely.  Unfortunately, I believe the other box is "stuck" in customs, so I am expecting a note in the mail telling me to pay £££ inorder to receive my package.  While that may sound negative; I will also tell you that the Lord provided the initial shipping expense from a wonderfully generous family

I want to back-track for just a minute and let you hear how the Lord used Logan to bring two visitors to HBT.  Kay Lee and Benson are well trained in puting flyers through doors and have no problem keeping up with Benjamin.  Logan is a "trainee" and spends a good 30 seconds at each door getting the flyer through the mail slot. (Normal time would be no more than 5 seconds.)  Logan was very desirous of doing it himself, so I would stand at the end of the walk way and let him go to the door with flyer and board in hand.  (The flyer wraps on the end of the board and he uses it to pop the flyer through the mail slot.)  On this particular door he started to insert the board in the slot when I saw him obviously make eye contact with someone on the inside of the door.  With many giggles, he inserted the board and then brought his hand back empty.  As he ran back to me I asked him, "Did you drop the board inside the house?"  He then defensively replied, "No, that man took it!"  Shaking my head, I headed up to the door.  John began unlocking the door and cheerfully asked, "What do you need me to do?"  He was thinking that we needed him to write something and hand it back.  I explained what the board was for and that Logan was just learning.  John then told me what a great job we were doing and that when he took the board from the mail slot, Logan's face was priceless!  John asked if children had to come all week to HBT or if they could just come one day.  He takes care of his grandchildren on Thursdays, so he brought them that Thursday morning!

Before I close I need to let you all know how well Sunday School and Thursday nights are going.  The children's behavior is better than I could have ever imagined.  (Nelson continues to be the main distraction.)  Lord willing, I pray their little hearts are growing along with their behavior and maturity.  We are currently studying the parables in Sunday School and Moses/Law/Taberbacle on Thursdays.  I'm praying about curriculum or what direction to go on Thursday nights after I am finished with the current study"


Don't quit, there's a job to be done, don't quit, there's a race to be won. Don't quit, there's a crown to be won, don't quite, weary Christian don't quit!!

Thanks for listening,

Katie (and I have NO idea why this post is in two different fonts!)





July 21, 2012   This 'n that

"I'm gonna run, run, run, I'm gonna shout, shout shout, I'm gonna run, I'm gonna shout, praise the Lord!"  Yes, that is "my" version for our Holiday Bible time that is starting on Monday!  I still have some polishing to do on some powerpoints, but we are ready with decorations, snacks, crafts, lessons, puppets, games, and songs!  Here are some names of children that you can specifically pray for this week: Solomon, Joel, Jessie, Hannah, Matthew, Skye, Erin, Ellie, Jordan, Kelli, Toby, Bradley, Charlie, Sarah, Hannah, Gavin, Erin; oh, and don't forget Kay Lee, Benson, Logan, Parker, and Nelson!


Here is a preview of our decorations.  Yes, that's right, these are homemade paper mache Olypmic rings.  I won't be pinning this on pinterest anytime soon!


We celebrated Parker's birthday this week.  He wanted a double decker bus cake.  Unfortunately, I didn't make the cake quite big enough so it ended up looking like a "hippy" bus!  Oh, well, he was excited! (It doesn't take much to excite Parker)

As always thank you for praying for us!  Here is one last picture.  I saw this little sign at a shop and just couldn't pass it up!





July 3, 2012    The Hat and the Identity Crisis

Just thought I'd share a quick story about Benson.

On Saturday morning I suggested that he wear his Ireland hat to the jousting event.  His reply with much stammering and stuttering went like this: "Well, if I wear my Ireland hat, people will ask me if I am from Ireland.  Then I'll have to tell them no, some friends brought me the hat.  THEN they'll ask me were I am from.  THEN I'll have to say, I'm from...from... (still thinking), from the.... U.S, BUT I live by Edinburgh now.  It will be easier just to wear my tan hat." 


June 4, 2012  The count down begins!


My days are starting with either Kay Lee or Benson reminding me how many days of school are remaining!  Today it was "4 days left!"  Our last day of school will be June 19th.  In case I haven't explained in the past, the day after Kay Lee's birthday (Sept 3) marks the beginning of our school year, and the day before Benson's birthday (June 20th) ends our school year.  Here in the UK, schools run through the end of June and then have a 6 week break.  This is one reason we continue well into the month of June.  

"The sun'll come out tomorrow...." has proven NOT to be true around here!  The second picture on the left is a little deceiving.  This is my favorite spot about 15 minutes away; however, it did start raining on us!!  It has been at least two weeks since we have had anything but clouds in the sky.

I haven't commented on Sunday school or Kid's club in a while.   Although we have had some rare circumstances (Parker's head laceration, a baby's  diaper blow out, flannel graph board falling to the floor, etc) behavior has been much better! So thank you for praying!  Currently I am preparing a powerpoint presentation for our HBT (VBS). I just spent an hour and a half on it, I think this will be the norm until July 23!

We are getting ready for a season of special days: Father's Day, Anniversary, and 3 birthdays all coming in the next 4 weeks!


I'm sure we'll be posting pictures of the Olympic Torch coming by our house this Thursday the 14th!  See you soon!











April 29, 2012-- Come on a Walk with Me!

Hi friends!  I thought I would take you on a walk through our area.  So, tighten your shoe laces and enjoy!  (This is especially for Aunt Karen, and I think you'll agree it is slightly more interesting than Mendota; although, I'd go on a walk with you in a second if I could!)

April 18, 2012-- Getting Back to "Normal"

Hello friends,

Please be patient with me as I figure out the best way to post things and add pictures on this new format.  I would have to admit I think it looks a bit more professional and modern, but change is never easy-- or maybe it is just me!

The Lord has graciously brought us back to a state of good health.  I got back to jogging yesterday.  (Wait, don't let me fool you-- I can only jog for about 15 minutes, and then it turns into a walk!)  I also had a man "cheer me on" so I must have looked like I was about to die.  My husband has been able to get back to his regular routine of putting out fliers and preaching.  We have put Kay Lee on a dairy-free diet and her ailments have subsided!!  We are still going to take her to the doctor and get some advice.  She is accepting this change quite well; however, she is worried about having Nelson's birthday cake on Friday.  Thank you to many who were praying for our health needs.

Sunday School and Thursday night Kid's Club are going well.  Nelson is doing better while I teach (with a few clever tricks).  I enjoyed teaching lessons about the Easter events, and now the children are anticipating the story about the ascension!  This past month we had two new children attend and one that had been missing in action for a while.  I never want to underestimate any little seed that can be planted.  Pray for our little group -- issues such as behavior, illness, and lice would love to distract this teacher and come between me and these little souls.

Keep on keeping on,


ps... Ahhh, I can't find the spell check, so I hope you can sleep after reading any mispelins :)

Sleepy Parker after getting together with other missionary kids for an Easter Party

March 22,2012-- Thanks for your Prayers and Encouragement

Hello friends,

We have been encouraged much by your e-mails and cards.  I’ve never been so thankful for others’ obedience in following the commandment “Bear ye one another’s burdens!”

Let me tell you a little something about myself:  I could start a blog post with another wonderful greeting and fool any stranger into thinking everyday life is just sunshine upon sunshine!  In doing this, I effect the people around me.  I let the wondering keep wondering, the worrying keep worrying, and the fearful keep fearing.  Thankfully our Lord was not like that. Jesus gave men the permission to tell the world that he cried at Lazarus' death, that He asked God to remove the trial of the cross, and that He was indeed tempted by Satan.  Jesus was no stranger to sorrow, grief, and tears.  That has been an encouragement to me.  After all, Isaiah named him: “a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief” (Is 53:3)

In miscarrying, I’m learning (notice present tense verb!) the reality of sorrow and grief at the loss of a child even if you can’t count ten fingers and ten toes.  I’m learning what a self sufficient, independent person I am.  Miscarrying brings one to a totally helpless position in life.  This has softened me in many areas, made me love Him more, and long for heaven.  We’ve named our little one Cana, it reminds me of the promised land, and of Jesus’ first miracle.  Perhaps further down the road, I can share more.

Though my husband’s illness “only” lasted about 11 days (correction: It is still continuing, but thankfully he is not bed-ridden) it is teaching me more things than you have time to read about!!  First, I’m realizing how impatient I can be!  How precious Psalm 27:14 has been:  “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”  This verse has what I call the “parenting voice.”  I don’t know about you, but if I think my children didn’t hear me, or if they just didn’t listen, I say “I -JUST- SAID…..”  Notice David repeated himself at the end of the short verse by saying “wait, I say!”  Second, my impatience can be produced by fear.  With this virus and the seemingly 10 gazillion symptoms, I will tell people I just don’t know what rabbit to chase!  What if I’m on the wrong trail, researching the wrong problem!  I am getting a crash course on blood sugar, sodium, dehydration, flu, insoluble/soluble  fiber, and a few others I won’t mention.  (I’ll be signing my name: Katie Shore M.D)  In these situations we must remind ourselves that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.(II Tim 1:7)  Also, I continually ask the Lord to help me bring every thought into captivity. (II Cor 10:5).  May we learn these lessons with the Lord’s help!

I’m already over 500 words, and it would take another 1000 to share how much we are learning about our wonderful Shepherd, His strength and ability to fight for us, and the power of His Word.  I’ve often prayed: “neither know we what to do: but our eyes are upon Thee.” II Chron 20:12

Resting in the Shepherd’s green pastures (and in order to have green pastures-- you must have some rain),

Katie  M.D  (smile)

A giant play house at a park that were given free tickets to!

Hanging out with sick daddy