2022 Door to Door has Begun

15/01/2022 12:35

God blessed our door to door this morning. Logan was my partner as Katie is still not quite recovered from covid symptoms. We had 3 really good divine appointments. I'd like to request your prayers for one man in particular. He's a soldier who struggles with  PTSD. I told him that I was going to pray for Him regarding that. In particular I said that I would pray this week that God would show Him that He is helping Him.

All of these opportunities this morning were about 15-20 minutes standing in a doorway with outside temps of 40 degrees fahrenheit. So, God was working. We appreciate your prayers for our evangelism.

I had a friend from our community ask me this week, "Do you really think that I could go to Heaven?" I said, "Abosolutely! But, you'd have to come to God confessing that you have lived your whole life in ignorance of Him and turn to follow after Jesus." Please pray that God will also work in this man's heart.

I'll briefly share one other opportunity. Friday I stopped by a sign maker's place of business to organise signage for our minibus. Outside was about a half dozen teenage boys and a young woman with a child. I offered them all tracts and most took them. The woman asked for one after some of the boys laughed at God. It was a great "street preaching" opportunity of banter with some young men. This woman said, "Have you heard of _________?" (I can't remember the name she mentioned.) She said, "He was a junkie who almost died and then found God." God must be working in her life for her to be aware of this story. Please pray that she will find Christ.