2023 Evangelism started

23/01/2023 12:09

This seems like a late date to start evangelism. However, I got the flu that is going around Scotland and I had the extra responsability of caring for my kids (turning the oven on and off) while Katie was away. I don't know that I'd call it cooking, but "heating" might be more appropriate. :)

Now that Katie is home and I am well, I am delighted to be back out in doing evangelism. God has given divine appointments before this. As we walked on Friday, God gave me a great divine appointment with two college age young men. I was able to share some Gospel truth with them.

Today as I put out the Open Letter flyer God gave me 4 short opportunities. I'm so thankful for the privilige of being involved in evangelism. Please pray for the power of God. Tommy and I hope to start up the street preaching ministry next week. Tommy has also been ill and has had a bad cough for about 8 weeks. Please pray that he will get well soon and that God will enable us to get out in His timing.

Tomorrow is the day of prayer and we appreciate your prayers for God to meet with us in power.