2024 evangelism has begun

02/01/2024 13:40

I put out flyers this morning for a few hours in a village within 2 miles of our church. It felt good to get back at it and God gave me a good weather window for outreach. I had one really good divine appointment with a man who does not believe in God. We spoke for at least 45 minutes.

He was in a t-shirt, but he didn't let that keep him from our conversation. The neighbours also got home and were going in and out of the garage right next to us, but that also did not hinder our discussion. I know that God was leading in our conversation. My prayer is that he will recognise that as well. Would you pray with me for Him that God would make Himself known to Him? (God did that with the Apostle Paul and he can certainly do that in our day as well.)

Without God's involvement, there is no way we can reach our community for Christ. Your prayers are much appreciated as we enter into the evangelism work of 2024.

Our family has enjoyed some great "down time" over the holidays. Yesterday was a beautiful day. We went for a 4 mile walk along the North Sea. I'll put some pics below.