A beautiful morning inside and outside

12/05/2019 13:17

God gave us refreshing weather today and we were refreshed in our hearts as well. God blessed us with good attendance despite some being unable to be in attendance due to illness. I enjoyed preaching on parenting this morning as I continued a series I began last week of "Getting behind God in battle to get the victory." We've looked at three battles thus far with Evangelism and Righteousness considered last week. Please pray for our families to win this parenting battle. It is very important for their, their families, their church and our community.

Please pray ahead for our Stronger Family Seminar which begins next week on Friday, 24 May. Dr. and Mrs. Bud Steadman will be with us for those meeting as Dr. Steadman preaches to our families. 

This afternoon is our trust service. We are going to look at  Song of Solomon 2:1-4 as I preach on the love of Jesus. 

The ladies' meeting went well this past week. Katie got techie and used a video connection to include some ladies who live about an hour away. It went really well. Thank you for your prayers for our ministries.

Thank you for your prayers regarding the family who needed a car. They got one and were able to be in church today. Praise the Lord. Please continue to pray for Karen's cancer treatments. She has her last one this coming Thursday.