A blur....

08/03/2013 17:00

This week has been packed full of adventure and excitement. The girls head back tomorrow after a great week in Scotland. They got beautiful weather the beginning of the week and normal weather :) towards the end.

We have enjoyed their help. On Wednesday they put flyers out through Biggar, a village about 30 miles from here. The Lord allowed me to see a young man that I have witnessed to on two other occasions.  I hope he is beginning to realize that only God could orchestrate that.  He is an atheist.

Yesterday the girls enjoyed painting with Mr. Alec. Alec had canvasses prepared for them and they did one day paintings. We are hoping that they are going to dry in time for their flight!

Last night we had 18 children in the kid's club and 6 adults. I had 4 adults with me in my class as well. I think that was our largest group ever for our mid week meeting. It is definitely the most kids. Please pray for God's provision and help for Katie during those class times. It's a blessing having that many children present.

Thanks for your prayers for our ministry and family. God has given some other exciting divine appointments this week with those for whom you have prayed. Thanks for your part in our ministry.