A Busy Day....

14/02/2016 12:51

Today is the second Sunday of the month and our busiest Lord's day. We have our Trust (assisted living facility) service this afternoon. We are short on teens today as a few of them are ill. But, we will head up there with the one teen who is well and trust God will give us a good service. Again I am thankful that we live close to our church and The Trust. We are taking our piano with us. No it isn't an upright or a grand, but it is a nice portable full size electronic keyboard. :)

The Lord gave us a good morning. We took the adult SS time to just spend in prayer. We need it. We need God's blessing and power. I've been reminded again that there is nothing possible without God. Please pray with us for God's power. I continued a message I began last Sunday and preached from Hebrews 9 on "Where We Meet with Thee."