a busy week

02/04/2022 13:23

There has been a lot going on this week. We enjoyed a youth activity on Tuesday night with Daniel, a young man in our church, preaching at it. We had a good midweek service with our visitors present and enjoying their time with us. We put out a lot more flyers in Penicuik as Tommy went with me on Tuesday and Brother Dillman on Wednesday. We again viewed the church property which is for sale. This time we had a specialist in these types of buildings with us. Monday is the deadline for offers. Please continue to pray for God's guidance. We are seeing His hand and will share with you what He does this next week.

Meanwhile, my wife and I had a terific divine appointment this morning. I don't know that I've ever spoken with someone for over 40 minutes at their door before. This man was very appreciative and said that this was the most informed presentation he had heard before and that it had given him a lot to think about. I know God was in it. Please pray for fruit that will remain.