A couple divine appointments

12/10/2012 15:47

We enjoyed a good midweek service last night despite the heavy rain. We've gotten an abundance of rain this year. I wish we could share it with all of you who are experiencing drought.

I had a neat divine appointment last night. There are two halls at our meeting location. The other larger hall is rented by a group that looks pretty American. They do a country western dance once a month or so. Thankfully it begins after we leave. But, sometimes they are setting up while we are there. John is from Texas and was the entertainer last night. I know God's hand was at work in our conversation. When we met I had the thought, "That guy would make a good preacher." He reminded me of some fundamental American evangelists. I didn't tell him that and he said to me later, "When did you decide to be a preacher? I've had two different times in my life when people told me that they thought I should preach." I still didn't tell him what I had thought. John may be saved but if not we clarified the Gospel. Please pray for God to work in this man's heart in a mighty way.

Today God provided a telephone table seat. (It's really cool.)  We've been praying about furniture for the home to which we are moving into on the 29th. On the way to collect the piece I prayed for an opportunity to witness to the man who was selling it. God gave me a great opportunity and we talked for about 20 minutes. Please pray that God will do a great work in Bill's heart.