A different kind of busy....

12/04/2017 08:39

Last week and this week are a different kind of evangelism busy-ness for us. Last week we put a lot of effort into the ladies' afternoon tea. This week we are getting ready for a special Easter Sunday as we have a lunch after the morning service and an afternoon service. I'm planning to share some of the pictures from my trip to Israel in the afternoon service. Please pray for families from our community to attend our Easter services. Please also pray for the Dillman's ministry as they have just printed a new church evangelism flyer and are preparing to put that out. I am also helping them set up their church website today and would appreciate your prayers for God to use that tool to draw people to their church plant. 

Please pray ahead for God's power for men's camp in Ireland next week, 20-22 April. Myself, 4 of my boys, Bernard Foy and Don Dillman are traveling to Southern Ireland to attend. Last year God really worked in the hearts of the men and it is our desire to meet with Him again. Thank you for praying.