A Faithful Group

19/01/2020 13:05

I'm very thankful that God has given us a very faithful group of people. The ones who were absent have illness. Lord willing, we will see them back with us soon. We enjoyed our time together this morning. I enjoyed singing a trio with my oldest two children. My message this morning was, "God is FOR You" from Deuteronomy 5:22-33. The point of my message was, "Be for God, for God is for you." video link

We're excited about some upcoming events this week. Thursday night at 6:00 PM we have some missionaries to Scotland with us, Danny and Su Olmstead. It's a great opportunity for us to have a missions emphasis evening. Brother Danny is from Canada and his wife, Su, is from Australia. They are dear friends and and we look forward to their ministry with us this Thursday.

Next Sunday evening is our AGM (Annual General Meeting) and we are looking forward to that evening as well. Thank you for praying for these upcoming events.