A fast week

19/10/2012 09:50

Everything is speeding up as we get closer to moving. This has been a wet weather week and a busy week. So, evangelism has been limited. But, the Lord gave us a good service last night.  The Hikins, Christine and her boys, and Alec were with us. We enjoyed a good discussion during our Bible study on Psalm 34.  I really enjoy the mid week service.

We are getting excited about our move to Loanhead on the 29th. We've changed our utilities, forwarded our mail, paid deposits, changed automatic bank payments, reserved a moving vehicle, bought some items for the new house etc.  The Lord is helping in the process and we appreciate your prayers. Please pray for good weather.  3 days this week it rained hard most of the day. Those would not not have been fun moving days. But, we'll take what the Lord gives us. He's given us plenty of volunteers to help us on that day.

There are some exciting "future" ministry opportunities opening up. Evangelist John Van Gelderen has put us down for a week of meetings in late 2013 or early 2014. Please pray as we nail down those dates.  Another evangelist friend is praying about coming late summer next year.  A young man in grad school who believes God has called him to missions in the UK is praying about a trip in May next year. A supporting church is praying about assisting our HBT next year. So, please pray for God's power, provision and guidance for these ministry opportunities.