A fun answer to prayer....

07/11/2013 15:57

The Lord encouraged us just now with an electronic answer to prayer. It was just a small thing but important to us. A cd had gotten swallowed in our van cd player. Because of that the player was stuck in the open position. As we got in the van just now it started playing and I was able to push the close button. Interestingly is was playing, "Great things He hath taught us. Great things he hath done."  I am preaching on Sunday about the passage in Peter when God loosed his shackles and opened the gate. Aren't you glad that God has power over all things? 

I put out flyers this afternoon. I didn't have any new opportunities. But I had a couple good chats with some friends in our area. Please pray for one who has lost his wife to a terminal illness. Another Christian friend has developed what appears to be a symptom of Parkinson's. These are two friends that I regularly pray for in our community.