A good busy week....

13/11/2016 12:57

The Lord has given us a good but busy week. Don and I were unable to get out on Wednesday to do flyers as he threw out his back. But, I saw him on Thursday as he attended a Revival Prayer Meeeting that we host with some area Pastors. We had 4 pastors and a laymen in total at the prayer time. God gave us a good time of prayer.

Benson and I had a couple good visits yesterday morning as we did door to door. One man reminded me that I had spoken with him a couple years previously and I remembered our conversation. Please pray for God to meet the needs of those to whom we spake.

Our service this morning was refreshing. I enjoyed preaching a message entitled "Wholly Follow the Lord" from Joshua 14 where Caleb asks Joshua to let him go take that mountain for the Lord. He was 85 years old and raring to go do what God wanted him to do. He waited patiently for 45 years to be able to take this land of promise for the Lord. There was much in God's Word this morning to encourage our hearts.

Next Sunday, Missionary Layton Kelly, will be speaking. Please pray for God to give us a special day. We're going to have a church fellowship and afternoon service instead of an evening service.

This Afternoon is our trust service. So, if you read this in the next hour. Please pray that God will bless that ministry at the assisted living facility. I'm preaching a message on thankfulness. Thanks for your participation in our ministry!