A good day outside and in

23/02/2020 13:17

After named storms every weekend, it was a blessing to be between weather warnings for yesterday and tomorrow. We have sunshine and great weather for door to door this afternoon. We've done some evangelism training recently and are going to put it to use at 4:15 today. Your prayers are appreciated.

I enjoyed preaching this morning on Paul's Gospel Pep Talk in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. Paul gave a great motivational Gospel race challenge and we enjoyed looking at it this morning. I also enjoyed singing a trio with my oldest boy, Benson and a college student, Blake. It is on the audio and video if you want to listen in. Praise God we had a mother and brother present this morning. They are not strangers and we were very thankful to have them join us. God's good. Keep praying!