A good Sunday

12/06/2022 20:22

Praise the Lord, Constantine arrived safe and sound last night. It was a joy to see their family reunited and in church together today. Please pray for their older son, Michael, as he and his wife remain in Odessa. They have other family there as well.

Another blessing today, was a first time visitor who got a flyer. She enjoyed being with us and said she'll return next Sunday and hopes to have her husband with her. 

We had fun in SS as I showed Ben Child's, Papua New Guinea, update video. Afterwards we watched a video of Ken Ham teaching on fossils and the flood. 

I preached this morning from Mark 4:32-35 on, "Connected to God." Mark (15) helped prepare closed captioning for 5 languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish and German.) I'm thankful for a new avenue of ministry if we meet someone who speaks another language.

Tonight was also a fun service. Thanks for praying for our day.