A good week....

29/06/2019 11:46

We have enjoyed some beautiful weather this week as well as some good Gospel opportunities. On Wednesday Benson and I helped Pastor Dillman put out around 500 flyers in Livingstone. Last night we enjoyed taking our teens on a hiking youth activity. This morning we enjoyed door to door. Benson and I had two good opportunities to speak with people for about 15 minutes each. The first conversation was focused on the authority of the Word of God. The second was sharing how salvation is God's gift not earned by our works. 

Today is the warmest day of the year so far and my thermometer says 72 degrees. Yep- for Scotland that is roasting. It is beautiful! 

Thank you for praying for our family and ministry in Scotland.

By the way - Logan broke his thumb just over a week ago. He fell while chasing a frisbee. The follow up appointment on Wednesday showed that it was healing within the parameters that are acceptable without surgery. We'd appreciate your prayers that it would heal correctly.