A good week...

02/07/2023 14:04

Well, I normally give more frequent updates, but we enjoyed a bit of a down week. The boys in Ireland had a great time. (Thank you Pastor Ledbetter and crew for your hard work!) The were gone from Monday morning until Friday evening. This left 3 of us at home and we enjoyed some extra fun activities and a little R & R. It was good to be refreshed after some busy, busy times. I did put out flyers on Wednesday in Loanhead with Pastor Dillman. We put out our NBT advertisement in the area near the church.

There is much coming up in July and we appreciate your prayers. A very important week is the 10-14 July as we have NBT college guys with us. We will do a 3 hour childrens ministry for those five days and 3 nights with teen activities.  Please pray for fruit that will be harvested and for God to build our local church through this ministry. God gave a great divine appointment today and hope that this individual will soon be able to visit our church.

I preached this morning on a very encouragine Psalm for those in need of help, Psalm 121. "My help cometh from the LORD which made heaven and earth."

Please pray for a friend of our's, Barbara Brooks. Mrs. Brooks and her husband were our field administrators when we came to Scotland. She has been a prayer warrior encourager for us. This past Tuesday she was in a serious car accident and has been in icu. She had some improvement yesterday but needs our prayers. Thanks for praying.