A great Lord's day

22/11/2020 21:43

We enjoyed a great Lord's day and saw good attendance on Zoom and at church this evening. It was a blessing to have a couple ladies out this evening whom we had not seen in a while. We also had a first time child come with her older sister who used to attend frequently. Both are planning to return next Sunday. 

Covid restrictions did impact our attendance tonight. However, we praise the Lord that we are not in a full lockdown.

I preached this evening a message entitled, Total Triumph, (Audio link as Video is still processing online) from the story of a battle between Israel and Judah as recorded in 2 Chronicles 13. It's a great picture of believers standing with God against an ungodly world who is God forsaken. It was a simple two point message. 1. Get off the side of unbelief. 2. Get on the side of faith.

The Lord gave us a good meetings today. Thank you for praying.