A Mighty Wind....

08/11/2015 12:48

Is coming outside this afternoon. (We are praying for the other kind of rushing wind.) Winds speeds will hit the 60's this evening. This is pretty common although we have not had much severe wind this year.

The Lord gave us a good morning. A lady who attended often 3 years ago was able to be back with us. That was a blessing. We also had other friends back with us and one of the men from last week. So, it was a good attendance day. I preached this morning on Elijah and Elisha in II Kings 2:1-15. I preached on being "One, with the Master." The Lord gave us a good service.

This afternoon is our first service at the Trust. The Trust is an assisted living property in Loanhead. We're excited about this opportunity for our teens to have a ministry opportunity. 

Thanks for praying for our day. God's good.