A milestone....

03/03/2016 13:48

The Lord has helped us to get the flyer out to all of Loanhead. There are around 2500 mail slots in Loanhead. So, that only leaves us with 7500 remaining flyers! 2500 is a good start and I'm thankful for what God has allowed us to do. We are going to be leaving on vacation soon. When we get back we will begin putting our flyers through some neighboring villages. I'm also looking forward to getting into Edinburgh as Spring arrives. I'm also hoping to put it out in villages that are more distant from here.

We still hope to have the car tomorrow. I spoke with the mechanic this morning and he still hopes to have it up and running this week. We have now been without a car for over 5 weeks. We are going to feel a sense of liberty when we are mobile again. Thank you for your prayers.