A milestone....

07/11/2021 13:38

I am thankful to the Lord for His grace to complete a verse by verse study of the book of Romans. We began in June 2018, had a pandemic and two lockdowns, a 3 month furlough, etc. Without those interuptions we would have been done a wee bit sooner. The final lesson was lesson 106. It was a rich study and I'm thankful for the spiritual blessing we received from it. 

We've had some illness this past week in our family and another family in our church. Katie has not be able to go to church the past two times (Wednesday and today) as we had illness with our kids. Thankfully the child she stayed home with this morning has bounced back this afternoon. Please pray that we can get beyond the bugs as they affect not just our family but our church. (We can't collect children for church and do our children's ministry if Katie isn't there.)

We also had a woman who's mother passed away. Please pray for God's grace to encourage her heart and strengthen her during this time of loss.

This morning I preached on 1 Kings 18:41-46 on Prophetic Faith. We need men and women of prophetic faith (Elijah was a man) who come as he came to God in prayer. 

We have not yet heard anything from the council (county) with regard to our land inquiry. We did complete the purchase of our minibus and should have it delivered by Wednesday of this week. Please pray that we can fill it with people who want to attend our church.