A more normal week....

25/04/2023 13:58

After taking some time off from normal ministry last week (to work on God's house) I am back into a more normal routine this week. Yesterday I put out some flyers close to our church location. Works are still going on at the church. A tree which was in the neighbours telephone wires was taken down much to the delight of our neighbours. We had a professional take it down because of the precarious position.

Today, Logan and I went into Edinburgh and did street evangelism. I preached in two locations this morning while Logan handed out leafletts. If you have been to Edinburgh, you may know the location of Grey Friar's Bobby. This is a statue of a famous little dog. I preached beside that and had several good responses from people going past. (Thumbs up, knowing nods.... only one lady gave me a gesture of anger.)

When some men began cutting concrete nearby, we decided to move over by McEwan Hall and the University of Edinburgh property. I enjoy preaching in this location as people are always seated nearby. Several people got to hear God's truth for a longer amount of time. God was good to give us His guidance and enablement. I would appreciate very much your prayers for the power of God whenever we are out doing street preaching. Thanks for your prayers. God is working.