A new flyer and some witnessing opportunities

24/08/2012 21:55

The Lord helped me complete our next flyer. I'm burdened for people to understand that God IS a God of love. Please pray for God to open hearts with this new tool. I'll also be putting an invitation to visit our church with this flyer.  On the back of the invitation is a list of what Baptist's believe. (Baptist distinctives.)

God gave me 3 good witnessing opportunities as we went into Edinburgh this afternoon. A young Chinese boy joined our children as they played in the park. His father Alex asked some great questions about our church and other denominations.  It was a joy to share with him what we believe and why we believe it. After that 2 young French boys started playing with our children.  I was able to speak to their Catholic father about what Baptist's believe. (I also shared why we don't - worship Mary, remain unmarried as ministers, confess sin to men, sprinkle, etc.) Later I spoke to an Atheist from Edinburgh. He said that he didn't believe in Hell.  I asked if he ever cursed someone and used hell.  He said that he did and I told him that is proof that there is a hell. Please pray that God will awaken these hearts.  

We live near a very awesome city.  We had a picnic and listened to a pipe band perform.  We stopped and watched a man paint beautiful pictures with spray paint.  We saw crazy acrobats and a Jamaican steel drum group.  Welcome to Edinburgh the festival city.  Unfortunately much of what goes on around the city at this time is terrible. Keep praying.  God is working.  (Below is a picture of the front and back of my next flyer.)