A new name in glory....

21/05/2017 13:24

Last night Jonathan Washer, his son and myself did some evangelism in a park near where they are staying. A 15 year old boy, Andre' was there and I was albe to with open Bible share the Gospel with him. He prayed to accept Jesus as His Saviour. I don't know that we will ever see Andre' again if his parents don't allow him to come to our church. (20 minutes away by car or half an hour by bus.) Please pray that God will work in their hearts about letting him come. If not, please pray that God will bless and protect Andre'.

We had an unusual day today. The Hikin family are ill and unable to attend. Another lady was ill and unable to attend. However, we had the Washer family there as well as two young men who are in Bible college in Scotland. One of those young men was with us for the first time. God also brought back a woman who hasn't attended in a wee while. So, we had a good morning despite it not being as we had planned.

I preached this morning on "God's Law" from Deuteronomy 4. The Lord gave us a good service and good spirit in the service. Thank you for praying.