A New Normal

12/09/2021 13:14

We are back to normal....well a new normal anyway! We praise God that we are back to normal service times all in one location where we can MEET IN PERSON. Praise the Lord! It is great to be meeting together again. One man who has not been in church since the pandemic was back with us this morning. He isn't young and it wasn't easy for him to get out in the evening. It is good that we can now offer a morning service. It was great to have him back.

Our attendance was good and everyone enjoyed the new location. It is a great facility for our church and fits us very well. It's going to be a blessing for as long as God has us here.

I preached a message this morning on the Milestone we have achieved and the need to acknowledge what God has done. Our text was Joshua 4 as we looked at, "Setting up signs of victory." (uploading currently) Your prayer is appreciated as our church adapts back to our old schedule in a new location. God gave us a blessed morning. Thank you for praying.