A Powerful Testimony

28/01/2013 13:29

The Lord gave me an exciting divine appointment this morning. I introduced myself to a man whom I've often passed when walking near our home. He shared an exciting testimony with me that was not his own.  40 years ago he became friends with a man whose life he watched God change.  He told me that when this friend was born again it was night and day difference. He said to himself, "It will never last."  But, he said it has lasted these many years. This friend is now a preacher. This man asked me if I had ever heard Iain Paisley.  I said that I had and he said, "He preaches like Paisley."  He then shared the story of his best friend who went into the Hospital with a heart attack. This man noticed he was reading a Bible when he would visit him in the hospital. Soon after that he was born again as well and his life changed.

I've shared before that I get excited when the Lord allows me to witness to someone who has contact with believers. God answers prayer for those we love. We may not get to witness to them ourselves but God can put the right person in their path. Please pray that this man will visit the church. He knew where it was because he has received our flyers.  As he talked about the remarkable change in these friends lives he sounded like a believer sharing his own salvation testimony. He has been deeply impacted by their changed lives. I'm praying for those types of examples from our community. Please pray that God would see fit to raise up trophy's of His grace.

I put out flyers all morning. I had a divine appointment with a young lady who believes in God but believes in evolution as well. Please pray for she and her husband. They've been thinking of going to church lately because of their baby boy. I saw Richard again who has promised me that he will visit the church. He tells me he'll come every time I see him. Please pray that he will. 

Thanks for your part in these God given opportunities.