A refreshing Sunday morning....

14/05/2023 13:36

It was a joy to see the surprise on some faces this morning as they saw that the Activity Centre (current church meeting room) was painted. We praise God for the grace, strength, and wisdom which He gave us during this  ongoing project. He has helped us tremendously.

The Lord gave us a good morning. In our Adult/ Teen Sunday School class we looked at the Victory that is available to us through Christ. In our Sunday AM, I preached on, "Follow Me..." ...as I follow Christ from 1 Corinthians 11:1. Please pray that many in our church will take up Paul's challenge and be a spiritual leader following after Jesus.

Our ladies' are getting excited about their ministry opportunity on Saturday as they host the Ladies' Afternoon Tea. Please pray for God's great grace. We invited our neighbours (150 invitations) yesterday and we think that several of them will be in attendance. We look forward to serving our community and our sister churches.

Thanks for your prayers for God's work in our ministry. God's good and we praise Him for His grace given in answer to your prayers.

Here are the BEFORE and AFTER images for the Activity Centre.