A tropical paradise....

03/01/2013 17:58

No....I am definitely not talking about Scotland. I have entered the world of tropical fish tanks. We are pretty excited about it. It was a blessing today as a family joined us for lunch. The father used to work in an aquarium shop. So, he knows all about fish keeping. He and I went to the pet shop to get the first group of fish. We put in 6 neon tetras.

That led up to another ministry opportunity. One of the fish we were given was not doing well and should have remained at the shop. Unfortunately the poor chap didn't even make it into our tank. The young man, David, who helped us to get our replacement fish, goes to school near my brother-in-law. He gave me his email address and I'm going to seek to get him in contact with Kirk's pastor. Please pray that God will do a good work in this young man's heart.