A very interesting (?) day....

25/02/2018 13:03

Have you ever had a very interesting day where you scratch your head and wonder what is in the water? It was one of those days and not a bad day. It began with finding out that a single gal was ill, the driver (husband) for a family was ill, and another young lady was ill. We then had 4 adults that were unexpected attend church. On of those is coming somewhat frequently. Another we had not seen in a few months. Another is the mother of one of our teens and has never come to a Sunday School or morning service. The next was a first time visitor. So -praise the Lord!

The other point of interest was a band practicing in the hall next to our hall. :) Oh, didn't I mention the pregnant woman who had to leave at the beginning of the service (with a significant interuption to our service) because she was having contractions. I forgot to say that my wife had a child other than our own next to her at the piano pushing keys.... :) You probably have somewhat of an idea of our morning service caous! It was a great day despite and because of some of those things. Thank you for praying. God's hand has been very evident lately and WE GIVE HIM GLORY FOR WHAT HE IS DOING. 

I preached this morning on, "Engaging the Enemy" from Acts 5. Other belivers have fought for the Lord - have we? God gave us a good service.