A visitor

07/07/2012 09:21

Late yesterday morning we picked up Pam Nelson, a pastor's wife from a supporting church in Alabama.  She arrived by train and we enjoyed showing her Edinburgh. Thankfully the Lord held off the rain.

I had a couple divine appointments as we were walking around. I had run to our van and was waiting for the others when I met two men. Nicholas and Heinrich (late 20's) are brothers from Finland. They are atheists but stood and talked to me for about 20 minutes about God and His Word. As we waited at another place a lady took shelter from the wind in a doorway by us.  She was from Vienna.  She and her husband were vacationing in Scotland.  I was able to give her at tract.

Our Thursday night service went well. We had the Hikins, Sky, Ellie, Christine and her two boys.  God is good. Thanks for praying for our ministry.