A witnessing opportunity

16/11/2012 17:53

Today was our first sunny day all week. So, I was glad to get some studying done and then get out to do flyers. I was praying for an opportunity to speak to someone and God gave me that opportunity.  I saw this man a good while before getting to where he was and asked the Lord for help in speaking to him. We had a good 15/20 minute conversation. He is middle aged and spoke to me about how the UK is changing quickly in it's position against Christianity and values. It was interesting to meet a nonchristian with a correct perspective on what is going on. Please pray that God will continue to work in this man's heart.

Our service last night went well. Nelson had a fever yesterday and so Katie stayed home with him. That means that I got to lead the children's class. I'm sure that they will be glad to have Mrs. Shore back next week. They did enjoy my game time. :)