10th Sunday in lockdown

24/05/2020 15:33

The Lord gave us a good week. We were able to get a project done this week and replace the flooring in our school room. The rest of the week was normal lockdown experience with good prayer meetings, study time and recording of messages. 

We continue to pray about furlough, but don't see any leading in that regard yet. Another prayer update is for my grandpa who has gone onto hospice care. He is a believer and has been faithful to the Lord. My grandparents are celebrating 70 years of marriage this summer. I appreciate your prayers for them.

My message today from the book of Titus was, "Attractive Christianity." The NT ties good doctrine and good practice together as essential to Biblical Christianity. It's funny in light of that how many people say, "The preaching is good. But,..." God help us to keep good doctrine and good practice.

Katie's lesson today was a review lesson and game time. The game played in her lesson is a great teaching tool. The kid's love it.

The Lord helped me to get three more segment for the Journey done this week. I will put facebook links below. They are also on our church sermon audio page. I very much appreciate your prayers for this endeavour.

#9 - Too Late

#10 - Faith Needed

#11 - Safe Arrival

Scotland  may begin to relax the lockdown this coming Thursday in phase one. It seems phase two may allow us to begin meeting as churches. We have an hourly rented facility and must also have permission to get into the buidling. Thank you for your prayers.