12 kids, 14 and younger....

07/09/2016 09:19

Life is a bit crazy around the Shore home just now. The Steadmans didn't get to fully escape all of the craziness. We have my wife's sister's family staying with us for a few weeks while my brother in law works in France. They arrived on Monday and the Steadmans left yesterday morning. Thankfully, the Lord has given us a large home and we really do have enough space for everyone.

We had a wonderful weekend with the Steadmans. They are both very gracious and were a blessing to our church family. Dr. Steadman preached on the theology of God's call and the churches responsibility to those whom God calls. Mrs. Steadman also spoke to our ladies' on Monday night at our monthly ladies' meeting.

Meanwhile, Katie decided to have a bit of an emergency while they were here. She had a non traumatic problem with her knee swelling up Friday and proceeded to get a fever on Sunday. So, Sunday night we were in the emergency room until 3:30 Monday morning. She has been on penicillin since then and it is getting better. The swelling has gone down quite a bit but there is still infection. Please pray for God's healing. We had a follow up appointment yesterday and one more today. We'll let you know if anything worsens. But, Lord willing, she is on the road to recovery.

We have a baptismal service planned for this Sunday as Helen follows the Lord in believers baptism. This is a big step of faith for her! I know she would appreciate your prayers. Please also pray for our assisted living service at the trust this Sunday. We appreciate your prayers very much. God gave abundant grace this weekend even though life was not what we had planned.