12 years!

17/06/2012 14:36

Katie and I have now been married for a dozen years.  Wow!  It just keeps getting better and better.  I'm very thankful for the wife that God has given me.

The Vogelpohl's watched ALL of our children yesterday while we went on a date. We enjoyed lunch overlooking Edinburgh's Famous Forth Rail Bridge and toured Hopetoun House which is a 300 year old mansion. It was a great day despite the weather. (We've had a particularly rough start to the summer.)

We had Mark and 4 kids, Adele, and Alec in church this morning. I preached from Romans12:1-2 on, "A Man for the Lord." The sacrifice we are to give the Lord is our "self, soul, sinlessness, satisfaction (His) and service." I was reminded how much our understanding of God's will for our lives is dependent upon our surrender. "Present your bodies....that ye may know what is that good and acceptable and perfect (complete) will of God."