14th Sunday in Lockdown

21/06/2020 10:10

Happy Father's Day!!!!! to all of you fathers. Praise God for the family structure which He has given. 

Thank you for praying for my grandpa. He is not doing well with the cancer. However, God gave he and my grandma a great day yesterday as they celebrated 70 years of marriage. Many of your were praying for that day and your prayers are much appreciated.

We are entering the serious countdown stage before our departure. The Andersons arrive here (Lord willing) two weeks from today. Please pray for God's great blessing upon their travels and our own.

We're thankful that God has pretty well set our calendar. We currently have 23 meetings scheduled for our 3 month furlough. 

It does not look like the church is going to be in the building before we depart. However, we know God will give wisdom for this transition regardless.  (Prayer appreciated.)

Katie has put up a fun link to a great story of a godly young lady for her SS lesson this morning. We visited Wales and a museum that shared the story of this little girl. The video is very good and your kids would be blessed to see it. Here is a Vimeo link.

God helped me get another episode of The Journey recorded. There are now 6 episodes in the discipleship series of the journey. Please pray that God will promote the Youtube page among unbelievers.

I preached a message on "Approaching God" from Leviticus 16, the Day of Atonement. Leviticus 16 is a good study on how God takes away our sin through the work of the Lord Jesus.

Thank you for praying for our church and our family.