15 June, 2014

15/06/2014 12:57

It was a joy to go to church as a family today. Katie was able to bring Mac along to the evening service last Sunday. But, Katie was ill this past Thursday and just part of our family went.  As it turned out we were the only ones there on Thursday, and so what did we do? Had church and the Lord gave us a good service. (I'm not kidding. The Lord has helped us do that more than once as a family and I have no doubt that we'll do it again.)

Our faithful group was out today. We enjoyed hearing the children's choir sing in our morning service. We practice each Sunday night a half hour before the service. I preached this morning on, "5,000 Hungry Men," John 6:1-14.  The Lord let the disciples battle with their sight and reason before showing them the answer of faith.