15 Years Later and God has been very good!

18/06/2015 10:41

Yesterday Katie and I (and the kids) celebrated our anniversary. It's been an amazing adventure. I'm very thankful for God giving me a wonderful wife and blessing us with our children. We have enjoyed doing what He has called us to do and seeing him lead in our lives.

God gave us a great getaway Tuesday night at a castle in Fife. It was an amazing place and a refreshing time away. God's good.

We are back at it today. I was able to put flyers out this morning. I spoke with one woman who faithfully attends the parish church but is trusting in her goodness. Sadly modern Protestantism is as helpful as the Catholicism it sought to put out of the country. Please continue to pray that we can see people take Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and be saved from eternity in Hell.