2 visitors

27/08/2012 08:38

The Lord gave us two visitors in our morning service.  Richard is from a nearby nursing home.  And his friend brought him to church.  They had to leave during the message due to Richard's inability to sit for long periods of time.  But, we were glad that they visited. Connie's two nephews were also with us yesterday.  Please pray for Lavmore (14) and Liam (5) that they would get to understand the Gospel in their short time with us.  They will be here for another week and a half.

Yesterday morning I preached a message entitled, "Let There Be Light" from Isaiah 60:1-3.  If you ever want to read a sermon :) I post them on our church webpage - www.freebaptistchurch.org

Last night we had a singspiration and observed the Lord's Supper.  God's good. He gave us a great day.  

Please pray for Joshua and Nadege (nah DEHZ).  It would take a while to tell the whole story. But in short, they are praying about moving to our area from France. God led them to our website and they contacted us this past week. Joshua is from California and his wife is from Paris. Please pray for them as they seek God's will. They have one child and one on the way. They have a sweet testimony of how God has led them this far.

Please also pray for the pastor's fellowship which we are hosting tomorrow.  Dane Vogelpohl and Wayne Searcy will be our speakers.

Thanks for praying.