2 Year Church Anniversary

01/07/2012 22:15

Today was an exciting day for us as we celebrated 2 years since the start of our church plant.  The Lord gave us a great day.  We had good attendance this morning and this evening.  Evans returned on vacation from England and we enjoyed seeing him at both services.  This morning we also had the Hikin family, Adele, Timothy,  and Alec.  This evening we had 8 adults and 19 children present.  

This included the following additions from our morning service; 6 neighbor kids, Christine with her two boys, and Connie. (The number of children gives us encouraging potential for our HBT.) 

We watched a cartoon (Torchlite Production) biography of Amy Carmichael.  It is very good and all enjoyed it.  I ended with a short challenge from God's Word.  Below are some pics.  Thanks so much for your prayers.