50 foot free fall and dogs jumping through rings of fire!

23/06/2012 21:24

We got to see all that and more today as we went to Loanhead Gala days.  This is a big community event.  The weather really hampered them this week but the show went on.  We enjoyed a parade with many pipe and wind bands. There was a stunt show which lit a person on fire. Another man did a free fall from a cherry picker onto a blow up landing pad. Two other guys ran around in a huge double hamster wheel that went about thirty feet up in the air.  

The dog show was really fun.  The finale was all of them running and jumping through 4 separate flaming rings.  We also enjoyed candy floss (cotton candy) and chips (fries.)  No we didn't eat them at the same time.  Loanhead does a great Gala days.  It was good fun for our family despite the 30 mph wind and temperatures in the low fifties. 

The Lord gave us some encouragement through divine appointments the last two days.  Yesterday morning I bumped into a young man who I led to the Lord about 8 months ago.  He was with his mum whom I have chatted with as well. Dawn's father just passed away.  Please pray that God will work in Ben and Dawn's hearts and that they will find His comfort.

Last night we saw the Adam's family.  We've enjoyed getting to know them.  Lord willing, their kids will attend some of our HBT. We also saw Jordan's dad, Graeme, just as I was saying I hadn't seen him in a while. (God's timing was perfect.)

We saw Michael at the parade.  He said that he has been very busy lately.  Please pray for God to continue to work in his heart.  We also saw Gordon (Connie's husband) at the parade.

God is faithful.  He is working. Thanks for praying.

(Here are some pics from the parade.)