7th Lockdown Sunday

03/05/2020 08:56

God has given us some encouragement lately. He gave me a divine appointment right after I finished posting my last update. Please pray that God will open the heart of a friend who took time to speak about God.

Please also join us in praying for a 15 year old girl in our neighbourhood that has Covid-19. I'm praying for her healing and for God to protect our neighbourhood.

Here are some links to our online ministry. 

Katie's SS lesson on Thomas.

My Sunday Morning message is, "Increasing Christ" from John 3:22-36. It's a story from a day in the life of John the Baptist.

I also did a fun video this week of a solo brass quartet. It opened the door last night to share our page with someone in our community.

We continue to see new "likes" on our facebook within our local area. Please pray that God will connect people in our area with the Gospel through our church ministry. Thanks for your vital part of our ministry in Scotland. Scotland needs your prayers!