8 weeks and counting....

25/06/2014 09:33

Normally today, I would be focusing on evangelism. But, life is NOT normal right now as we prepare to arrive back in the States for furlough. We've got 8 weeks until we return on August 20th.  The Crowders will be arriving here in 6 weeks.  Meanwhile, we've registered Mac's birth and have an appointment on July 2nd  at the US consulate to process his passport. We'll get his visa while we are home in the US. 

I've been working this week on summarizing over 4 years in around 10 minutes. My presentation is coming along. The Lord has helped me get beyond the frustration of "How do I do this?" I am now excited about sharing this with you. Working on this has reminded me of just how good God has been in the time that we've been here. 

I'm also working on purchasing a furlough vehicle. My brother and I have spent a lot of time searching online for the right vehicle. Special thanks to a man at Bethel Baptist in Schaumburg who is looking at a vehicle for me today. We'll know later today if this is the vehicle the Lord wants us to get. However the Lord works it out, I look forward to letting you know when God supplies that need.

The painting for Gala Days has had the final touches put on it. Our church is looking forward to this new ministry on Saturday. The kids will be making badges (buttons), playing a ring toss game, and getting pictures with the cut out.

The Lord gave some encouragement this week. A Christian soldier who visited our church this past year phoned me from England. He's been away on training. Please pray for God to bless him as he works on this promotion. We should see him back up here before we leave. I also had a good opportunity to speak with a friend in the community. Please pray for God's continued blessing as we get ready for a big transition at our church and in our home.