Almost there....

19/12/2015 14:08

The kids helped me this afternoon to do a couple more neighborhoods. It was VERY windy but we only lost a couple flyers to the wind. :) Don Dillman helped me on Wednesday to do a large area. That means that we only have a few small areas to get to this next week.

Thanks for praying for our ministry. We have some encouraging things going on. Please continue to pray for Joel. He is scheduled to see the neurologists after Christmas but we would like to see that appointment move up to this next week. He was able to be in church on Thursday but is very unwell.

We had a fun snowball fight after church on Thursday night. It's been very hot (for Scotland in December) here. So, how did we get snowballs? Katie's aunt sent us some fabulous fake snowballs. The adults ambushed the kids at the end of their class. :) Thank you Aunt Rosie!