Amber's travels

10/07/2019 15:57

Amber is on her way back home. She departed this morning and should arrive home late this evening. Please pray for her as she travels by herself. She has a total of three flights. We were blessed to have her with us for this past month.

Don and I got a good weather day despite the bad forecast. We are on the alert for heavy rains today but it has been a very nice cloudy day. God gave a few small opportunities this morning to share the Gospel. Please pray for Ricky. He has had something happen in his life the past three years which has changed his circumstances in difficult ways. He wonders why God hasn't done anything (if God exists.) I said, "Well, God has a Baptist preacher talking to you about His love trying to help you understand how to have a relationship with Him." Please pray that God will awaken his heart. He took a John and Romans.

In other news, my family adopted (kind of) the park accross from our house. The hedge was overgrown and so Katie and the Kids tackled it today. It's not a little hedge. I would guess it is in total about 250 feet of hedge! They spent several hours this morning over there and I helped out for a couple hours this afternoon. It now looks lovely! (I'll put a before and after pic below.) We love our home area.