American Visitor Day

22/04/2018 13:04

It was very interesting to have a father and son from South Carolina as well as a man and his wife from Oklahoma with us today. Their visits were unrelated but they both were an encouragement to our church. It was great to have them there. A little girl from our S.S. said as we were starting, "Have you counted how many people are here!" Even she noticed that the attendance was good today. Praise the Lord.

I enjoyed finishing our study of Jude with a message to "Stay the Course." At the end of Jude he changes his focus from the false teachers to those who are standing for the Holy faith. 

God gave me a wonderful divine appointment on Thursday and I thought about my recent request for your prayers in that regard. God definitely put an opportunity to witness before me. We also enjoyed knocking on doors in Loanhead on Saturday. Please pray that God will do an awesome work in our community and bring people to humble acceptance of His Son, Jesus Christ. People are generally very friendly but need to desire the Truth of God's Word. Thanks for praying.