An encouraging Sunday

21/04/2024 13:02

Some days are more encouraging than others.... this is one of those. We had wonderful attendance today and some of our guests are becoming regulars. This is a tremendous blessing. One of the neat things about today is our good SS attendance. We have been praying for children to come and God gave us 5 children in that class this morning. Praise the Lord. We also had good attedance in the adult teen SS with 7 adults and 3 teens. 5 others joined us for the morning service. There were several who were not with us this morning who are a regular part of our church. This is great! (Not that they were absent, but that they are an additional part of our church family.) Praise God. We're excited about His goodness. This is HIS work.

Tonight Pastor Don Clough is going to be preaching. His family is staying with us tonight as they fly tomorrow to Germany. The Cloughs have planted a Baptist Church up in Elgin. It will be a fun evening of fellowship.

I preached this morning from Ecclesiasted 4 on Meaningful Living. I shared a 9 question quiz with our church to help us evaluate if we are living purposefully or vainly. If "Christ, His Work, His church" are the answer to these 9 questions that we are living life purposefully. If other things fill the blanks, then we are sadly doing what Solmon observed and living life vainly. It was a helpfu study for myself and I believe to our church.

We are in the final push before our departure to the USA for our daughter's wedding on 18 May. John and Kay Lee are currently at a Baptist Church on the East Coast as they prayerfully seek God's leading for youth ministry. Please pray for God's clear leading regarding His will. Our family is leaving one week on Monday. The Seacrest's will be with us starting this Wednesday PM and will get to see all of  our ministry nights before they began their replacement ministry. Thank you for praying for God's watchare over all of the above.