An Exciting Day!

02/10/2023 14:13

Today is an exciting day. Logan passed his written test for driving. We thank God for our children and enjoy seeing them pass milestones. You can not drive here until you are 17. Logan turned 17 in December, but because of how busy the year has been, we are just now working on his driving instruction. This is our 3rd opportunity to teach a child to drive and we still have 3 coming along behind him. :)

I also enjoyed street preaching this morning while Logan took his test a few blocks away. God worked that out well for us as I was planning to street preach this morning regardless. God blessed the preaching, but I am always reminded how much I need God's people to pray. There were a lot of Satanic distractions this morning including a man playing two notes again and again on a flute. (It was painful!) I have no idea what he was doing unless he was trying to get people to pay him to stop. Please pray for God's enablement to overcome any and all distractions.

Another exciting thing was putting to use some special funds given by kids in the States for our building project. Our church sign was installed this morning. It is powder coated allumium letters on an allumium tray. To quote our church treasurer, "It looks aweseome!" How thankful we are for each person who has invested in God's work and we were especially blessed to have had two churches this summer teach their kids to give to missions by investing their VBS penny offering in our work.  God has been very good to us. Thank you for praying and rejoicing with us in what He is doing at SFBC.