An Interesting Sunday

12/09/2016 11:52

The Lord gave us an interesting Sunday as we had guest from South Carolina (our relatives), a pastor and his wife from NYC, a supporting church couple from WI, and friends up from England. We also had a young girl visit for the first time. She has been desirous of attending for the last couple of weeks and we were so glad that he parents allowed her to come.

I preached yesterday morning on Evangelism from  Paul's testimony before King Agrippa in Acts 26 . It's interesting that God did not appear before Paul just to keep Paul from going to Hell. He appeared to him for the purpose of making him a minister of the Gospel to the Gentiles. Paul wasn't disobedient to the call of God.

I have just uploaded the message Dr. Steadman preached on the Theology of the Call of God. If you have time to listen to it, I'm sure it would be a blessing to you.

This morning I did a couple hours of evangelism as I began putting out the new Gospel flyer. Please pray for this flyer to touch the hearts of those who read it. I had one divine appointment and believe the man was convicted by God's truth.

We postponed our baptismal service yesteray as the woman who was to be baptized sprained her arm. Lord willing, we will be able to go forward with this service in the very near future.

It has been fun having our relatives here. Yesterday, Kay Lee and her two cousins played their violins at the assisted living service and our evening service. My sister in law also was able to play the piano at the assisted living service to allow Katie to rest her leg. Below is a picture of the kids in our home just now. Hope it brings a smile to your face!