An open Bible

25/06/2012 16:30

The Lord allowed me to open my Bible with several people today as I went into Edinburgh. The Lord guided in each opportunity.  Billy and Kenneth (40's) are brothers whose lives have been battered by sin.  They grew up in a lawless gypsy camp. I spoke to them for about 45 minutes.  Kenneth showed me his battered hands from a life of fighting.  Their bodies carry the scars from abuse.  It is the first time I've read Revelation 21:8 with someone who believed they had committed each of the sins that were listed.  Please pray that God would open their eyes to the Gospel.  Billy has "sought" God for the last many years but has no heart knowledge.  They could be transformed by the Gospel.  Please pray that they would be.

Kirin (21) was a fantastic divine appointment. He was agnostic until a year ago when he started to seek after God.  He has been going to a community church.  He believed good people go to Heaven.  He was drinking in the truth of the Word of God that salvation is by faith not by works.  You could see the light bulbs going on.  He had to leave to catch a train but said, "You came along at just the right time.  Thank you so much." Please pray for this young man's salvation.

Ellen (20's) is studying english in Scotland.  She is from Switzerland.  I witnessed to her for a half hour. She said that she is an unbeliever.  When we were finished she said, "Well you haven't convinced me."  I said, "I can't convince you or anyone.  But God can. Why not ask Him to open your eyes? It's no accident that we are having this conversation.  That is Him reaching out to you."  

Afterwards I met Timothy and visited his brother in the hospital.  Their mum brought lunch in while I was there and I enjoyed sharing a meal with them. I was able to share a bit about Christianity with them.  Please pray that we can be a blessing to this family.  Thanks for your prayers.